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It might have escaped your notice, but those dastardly fiends at
Up until now, you had a choice. You could pay $199 ($600 for adult sites) and get reviewed within seven business days, or you could take your chances, keep your fingers crossed, and hope for a listing sometime in the next year. The former is a guarantee of review only, not listing, and the latter is akin to a lottery (Yahoo! admit they were only able to review a small proportion of the free applications)Yahoo! are now charging businesses to be listed in their directory. That is, they’ve made their business express service compulsory for those wanting a listing in the shopping & services or business to business sections. In short, if you’re selling anything online, you’ll have to pay up. Before you start cursing those Silicon Valley pioneers turned capitalists, take a look at what it means for you.

Now, even before it became compulsory for commercial sites, I would still have advocated shelling out $199. Why? Well, if you’re serious about your business, why take pot luck? It’s taken many people close to a year (sometimes more) to get listed, and many more just can’t seem to crack it. A year of banging your head against a brick wall, or $199. Easy choice!

The second reason is this. Consider all the traffic your website will miss, while you are waiting to get listed. Estimates vary enormously, and depend upon your business and how competitive the sector is, but anything upwards of 40 visitors a day from Yahoo! seems a conservative estimate. Depending on profit margins, I would venture that most legal marketing businesses would recoup the $199 in just a few weeks.

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