Is Spot Training Effective


Is “spot training” effective? Are all the leg lifts, crunches, and hip and butt and jump rope exercises really doing any good?


The erroneous belief that doing an exercise for a particular body part will reduce the fat in that area is widely held. It’s not that the exercises aren’t doing you any good, they just aren’t necessarily “burning” fat off of those areas.

Fat gets stored on our bodies in a certain order. That order is determined by gender and genetics. Most men store fat around their middles, which leads to “love handles” or beer bellies. Most women store fat on their hips and thighs, which leads to “saddlebags” (and other equally cute names). When we gain weight, we add fat to these areas before adding it elsewhere. As we lose weight, those places are the last to lose. That’s one of the frustrations about losing weight: getting in shape and still having flabby arms or love handles.

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