The legendary spanish skills of wood carving and the singular beauty of this art began in the sixteeth century. We hold the master key to creating these unique ornamental pieces that for generations have been available only to a privileged few.

Today, centuries later, EL GATO NEGRO ART & DESIGN has revived the wood carving traditions inherited from our ancestors, adding the quality needes to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Our corporate photo booth rentals Orlando, FL are selected from the most skilled artists in wood carving an antique finishings, a talent passed down from father to son for generations.

Each one of our pieces is hand carved individually and hand finished with gold and silver metal leaf, to create that exquisite and unique touch that combines old-world charm with new-world style.

Once our craftwork is finished, each piece is inspected with special attention to details to insure the quality that has made EL GATO NEGRO ART & DESIGN a tradition in the art of wood carving.

That handling, packing and shipping of our pieces are a substantial part of our job, because we belive that a work of art should be trated as such, insuring safe delivery to you.

Special Orders

We can manufacture Any piece of Furniture of Any Style, As long as it is wood. The only thing we ask for our costumers is to provide us with the design, the size & the finish sample. We do our specialities in finishing from the gilded to patinas & crackels, rustic, distressed and polycromed.
our custom made pieces are Priced Reasonably for the fact that there is no middle man between as and our customer. Specialy Interior designers.

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