Racing Flats

There are several models within the running shoe category that have become “heritage shoes” for race walking.  Although many changes are made to footwear models each year, some remain atop the list of shoes that provide adequate support and lower profile midsoles necessary for smooth foot transition during race walking.  The following is a composite list of current models (2002 Spring) that cover various foot types and various levels of intensity for your fitness needs.

Asics DS-Racer:  This is lighter version of the DS-Trainer.  It is low profile and intended for racing only.  Although some efficient foot types can get away with every day use, most feet need more support.

Asics Tiger Paw:  Racing flat intended for racing purposes only

Nike Ghost Racer:  A posted racing flat, intended for longer races or as an option for shorter races if you are using stability or motion control shoe.

Adidas Taper  RC:  This is a posted racing shoe.  Although it is supportive, it is still lighter and less durable than a normal training shoe.  It would serve well as a longer distance racer.

Training Shoes: the following list consists of shoes that have distinguished themselves as particularly appealing for race walkers.  This is not however a complete listing of all possibilities.  See the top five in each category for more options.
For The Efficient Foot (few to no injury issues)

Asics DS-Trainer:  This shoe presides as the single most popular shoe among race walkers.  It is posted with a device intended to aid in foot transition for over-pronators.  It is light and has a low-profile midsole.  $100

Mizuno Wave Maverick:  This new addition takes Mizuno’s Wave technology and incorporates it into a low profile, soft training and racing shoe.  It has a very simple upper (fewer overlays) than its Mizuno predecessors.  $85

Brooks Illusion:  Brooks has long held the distinction of being clunky but stable.  This shoe provides few extras but has a very smooth ride and a wider toe box than some of its competitors.  $95

Brooks Glycerin:  This is the 2002 spiced up version of the Hyperion.  It has a softer ride and is more durable than its counterpart.  This shoe is probably not an everyday trainer but would serve as a second shoe if you rotate throughout the week. $100

New Balance M/W 763:  Like the DS-Trainer, this shoe has a medial post to help support the over-pronated foot.  Its upper is stiff but supportive.  This shoe is available in widths.  $85

Adidas Supernova Classic:  This shoe has been in the line-up for almost three years.  It has a broad forefoot base and a low heel.  It has a post on the medial side and a snug heel fit.   $85

Nike W Air Althea 2002:  These shoes have not hit the stores yet.  They have lower profiles than their predecessors from Nike (which share the same name).  They had simple upper designs and are available in widths.  $85

Nike M Air Span 2002:  The men’s version of the Althea, the Span has the same characteristics.  It is light and flexible but still maintains a supportive base by implementing a second density on the medial side of the shoe’s midsole. $85

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