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I’ve always been a strong believer of creativity and the Arts and have explored those fields through both education (Academy Of Art/SF, San Francisco Art Institute) as well as within life’s own experiences. In my early years (late 80’s-early 90’s), I’ve worked heavily doing portrait studio photography, as well as work as a photojournalist in San Jose, California before moving to Los Angeles to further my career, now shooting images for clients in advertising, fashion, and the entertainment industry (as well as more traditional portrait works). I’ve opened myself up to the many possibilities of photography. Most of my work tends to have a focus towards people. I find people fascinating and the human image can tell so much. As a photographer, I have the ability to capture a glimpse of the human spirit, which is an aspect everyone should

My trials and tribulations have been long documented in every single photo that I take and through these pictures, I’ve learned more than I could ever learn from a book or a study guide. By using these pictures to portray real emotion, I’ve ascended past typical photography meant for tabloids and headlines. Instead, I’ve learned to focus more towards people and how they interact, react, and adapt to the situations that they’re put in. These people convey real emotions and I’m honored to be able to capture these emotions with my photography.

The only thing that comes remotely close to the interactivity and beauty of the photos I have taken is a mirror booth. Mirror photo booths allow guests to learn how to portray any particular image by themselves.  Like magic, they begin to create their own pictures and use them to talk about their lifestyles and dreams.

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