Peak Performance Strength & Conditioning

our mission

—-Peak Performance Strength & Conditioning Center started as a personal training only facility in 1997 and has evolved in to a 10,000 square foot full service training center. At Peak Performance, we provide our clientele with the highest level of physical preparation available-in the “best-equipped” facility-in the New York area. By combining our team of personal trainers with several top-level professional from several different areas, we feel that we are now poised to be a dominant force in the health, fitness and rehabilitation industry.

our certifications

—-Our primary goal is to help each of our clients get in the best shape possible. Our training philosophy is based on the scientific theories and methodologies of the most respected certifications in the fitness industry {see below}. By utilizing this information, we can design fitness programs that are both highly effective as well as extremely safe. Our trainers are required to have the highest-level national certifications {see Our Certifications}.

—-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists {NSCA}
—-Certified Personal Trainers {NSCA}
—-Certified Personal Trainers {NASM}
—-Performance Enhancement Specialists {NASM}
—-Certified Fitness Trainers {ISSA} Club Coaches {USWF}
—-Certified Athletic Trainers {NATA}
—-C.H.E.K. Interns {C.H.E.K. Institute}
—-Golf Biomechanics Specialists {C.H.E.K. Institute}
—-Resistance Training Specialists {RU}
—-Certified Personal Trainers {ACE}

—-In addition, our trainers are subjected to an extremely strict continuing education process. We provide them with a “world class-learning environment” by hosting many of the world’s top fitness educators. By bringing in these educators, they are provided with the opportunity to learn from the very best, instead of being taught by an in-house educator like most other gyms. Below is a list of some of the elite individuals who have been to Peak Performance as our guests:

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