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We create infomercials and direct response TV commercials that sell product and get results.

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Are you a marketing company?
Yes and no. Yes, we often produce infomercials and commercials from start to finish, just like any production company. We may be small, but we have produced many shows and spots for a wide range of clients. We deliver on time and on budget.
But many times we are hired to provide just the script, concept and creative vision for a project, and let the client or another company handle the nuts-and-bolts of the actual production. This makes sense when we are called in by another production entity. Or when an account has a production company that is so familiar with their needs that it just makes sense to use them again.
How do we work with your company?
We can work with a client in 3 different ways:
1. We can write your script.
In infomercials and direct response, the script is king. It’s the most important element in your success or failure. We’ll work with you to define your objective, formulate your offer, and decide on a concept for your show. Then we’ll write your script for your show using all the tricks and insights we’ve learned over the last 20 years. We’ll help get your script through a legal review, make all the revisions you need and even give production advice specially geared to your project.
If you’re a production company or have extensive DR production experience and ability, this is the option for you. With one of our scripts, you have the detailed blueprint for a winning infomercial.
2. We can write & produce from start to finish.
Here, we function just like a regular production company. With our script, we develop a budget and production plan, with a seasoned production manager watching over every detail. We select and hire all of the people, studios, talent and equipment, choosing from our database of 20 years of connections. (Most clients don’t know it, but the best TV people are freelancers. Many of them would rather work with us than the biggest networks!)
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3. We can write and act as your creative director.
Do you already have a favorite production company, somebody whose already up-to-speed on what you need? If so, consider making us your writer/executive producer/creative director. Have us work with that production company, giving them the benefit of our extensive experience, to combine with their production experience. We’ve done this many times with great success.
Of those 3 options, which is the best?
The best way to use us is, first and foremost, to have us design your show and write your script. Then make us your executive producer, responsible for getting the right creative onto the screen.
What do you charge to do an infomercial?
What you need to look at is what the entire infomercial will cost.
An infomercial can be done in many different styles and formats, and therefore, prices. We find that the average show today costs about $150,000 to $200,000 to produce, with some shows costing as much as $750,000.
Our shows tend to be in the $150,000 to $300,000 range, and rarely go over budget.
How long does it take to do an infomercial?
We’ve done infomercials that took anywhere from 6 weeks to 1 year. We recommend you plan on 3-4 months of active production.
If you’re smart, you’ll get us or another creative group involved in your project as soon as possible. We can help you make the right decisions early on that can save you headaches and dollars later on.
Can you give us a sample treatment for our show?
Unfortunately, no. With 20 years experience, our time is too valuable to spec ideas. We’d be happy to verbally discuss ideas or our reel, but to go beyond that would be unfair to us, our other clients, and to you.
Deciding on an idea for your project is serious business, not something you do off the cuff. Before you let anybody tell you what you should do, make sure they’ve spent all the time necessary, which is usually far more time than anybody can spec.
Can we lift :120 DR spots out of the show?
Yes, you can pull a lot from an infomercial to make into a DR spot, although you shouldn’t just tear the spots out of the show and run them as stand alones.
Generally, we create those spots to appear within the context and continuity of the show. At the least, you should expect to have to re-do at least the copy and voice over.
Do you do focus groups & research?
We have, and we welcome any kind of research when we are creating a show.
But direct response itself is often the best market research laboratory. Instead of spending $10,000 on focus groups, for example, sometimes it’s just better to make several different versions of the show, put them on the air, and see what real buyers think.


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